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The Hips Don’t Lie
The Hips Don’t Lie

The Hips Don’t Lie

The hips provide most of the incredible power and force that our lower body can generate for running and jumping, and deficiencies in strength and flexibility in this area of the body can mean the difference between a winning performance or a painful end to the game.


From  “Hip Exercises for Power and Mobility” by Jarlo Ilano, who “has been a Physical Therapist (MPT) since 1998 and was board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) with the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties from 2011 to 2021. He’s undergone extensive postgraduate training in neck and back rehabilitation with an emphasis in manual therapy along with being certified as a Therapeutic Pain Specialist by EIM/Purdue University.”

Full hip mobility allows for the greatest level of force generation and power. Muscles are able to produce the most force when the joint is able to go through the full range of motion. The relationship between muscles and joints is similar to the way a rubber band works. The further a rubber band shoots when you stretch it. You are able to generate more power when there is more range of motion in the hip. Full hip mobility will allow you to run faster, jump higher, squat heavier, kick harder, and improve overall athletic performance. Hip mobility is also extremely important to generate power in rotational sports such as golf, tennis, and baseball.


From “Hip Mobility” by Natalia.

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