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“The Hard Job
” by Edgar A. Guest
“The Hard Job
” by Edgar A. Guest

“The Hard Job
” by Edgar A. Guest

It’s good to do the hard job, for it’s good to play the man,

For the hard job strengthens courage which the easy never can,

And the hard job, when it’s over, gives the man a broader smile–

For it brings the joy of knowing that he’s done a thing worth while.

Oh, stand you to your hard job with the will to see it through,

Be glad that you can face it and be glad it’s yours to do;

It is when the task is mighty and the outcome deep in doubt,

The richest joys are waiting for the man who’ll work it out.

Beyond the gloom of failure lies the glory to be won,

When the hard job is accomplished and the doubtful task is done;

For it’s manhood in the making and it’s courage put to test–

So buckle to the hard job–it’s your chance to do your best.

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