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The First American Arithmetic Text
The First American Arithmetic Text

The First American Arithmetic Text

On p. 143 of Old textbooks: spelling, grammar, reading, arithmetic, geography, American history, civil government, physiology, penmanship, art, music, as taught in the common schools from colonial days to 1900 ((c) 1961, University of Pittsburgh Press, printed by American Book-Stratford Press, Inc.), author John Alfred Nietz wrote:
The first seven arithmetic textbooks published in the Americas were in Spanish, four in Mexico and three in Lima, Peru. The first mathematics textbook was the Sumario Compendioso (1556) written by Juan Diez Freyle, and the first separate arithmetic was the Arte Para Aprender Todo El Menor Del Arithmetica by Pedro de Paz (1623), both published in Mexico. Incidentally, the first university in America was founded in Mexico by 1554, in which later the first lecturer in mathematics was Juan Negrete.
Wow. Fascinating.

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