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Texas Highway Emergency Numbers
Texas Highway Emergency Numbers

Texas Highway Emergency Numbers

A member of TAFFIE-ANNOUNCE posted some good information (subject title: “Texas Highway Emergency Numbers”) on May 26th (10:14 PM CDT). She said:
If you are traveling on Texas highways this summer, be aware that Texas has a free courtesy patrol on major freeways in major cities. They will change a flat tire, give you gas, help start your car, or call you a tow truck. It is paid for by our taxes. Good phone numbers to have in your car. These hours seem to change, so if you have a problem, try a call anyway. HOUSTON 6 am to 10 PM – Mon- Fri TX Dot Courtesy Patrol Mon, Tues, Wed, Sat, Sun – 10 PM to 6 am 713 225-5627 AUSTIN 6 am to 10 PM Mon.-Fri. 512 832-7310. DALLAS 4:30 am to 10 PM – Mon-Fri 9:30 am to 6 PM Sat-Sun 214 320-4444 214 512-2726 – Beeper
FORT WORTH 24 hours a day Except Fri and Sat Midnight to 6 am 817 370-6656 SAN ANTONIO 24 hours a day [Someone claimed the number here was a private cell number. I don’t have time to look it up now, so I’ll just delete this one and leave it this way. –MG, 12-18-10] If you are traveling outside of these areas, a call to 911 from your cell phone will send your call to the nearest cell tower–which should summon assistance from the closest area available. Have fun!!
No!! DO NOT call 911 unless it is an emergency!! By no means!! You could be clogging up the line for someone who has a real emergency, thereby putting the person at risk. If you need a band-aid for a minor cut, do you call an ambulance? No; that would be wrong. The Texas Department of Public Safety has some information posted about their DPS Stranded Motorist Hotline. See also HoustonCulture.org‘s “Texas Roadside Assistance Program” page.


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