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Testimonial: the Goal of Education
Testimonial: the Goal of Education

Testimonial: the Goal of Education

A comment from a former student:

Had a microbiology midterm this morning. On the exam there was a bacterial growth problem that required a little bit of math to determine the answer. I could not for the life of me recall the equation we were told to use…luckily I was able to reason out the equation using some logarithm rules (which I can’t believe I remembered lol).

Who knew you could use reason and math(?!?!?) to answer a science-concept question. Here I thought science was just about the memorization and regurgitation of knowledge. Glad I had someone to teach me how to think!

— Rajiv R

Yes, I teach students to be rational, independent, and self-sovereign. And we need more of it so we can better live together and have a civilized society.

Yes, students need to know math, but they more importantly need to know how to reason and use logic so they can use math wisely in living life and achieving their values.

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