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SWOD  2-16-5
SWOD 2-16-5

SWOD 2-16-5

While studying or working, take a break every 20-40 minutes. Look out a window to let your eyes focus on something distant (100 yards or more) for at least 30 seconds. Then do the sequence:
Roll shoulders 3 times (in a circular motion round and round)
Roll ankles 3 times (left-front-right-back some, right-front-left-back some, in a circular motion)
Roll knees 3 times (left-front-right some, right-front-left some, in a semi-circular motion)
Hold squat position 30 seconds
Do 10 air squats
Do 10 push-ups
Hold the plank 30 seconds
Repeat three or four more times

Variations: do more push-ups, do one-legged squats, move your hands closer in or wider out as you do the push-ups.

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