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Summer Math Workshops: Houston, TX Area
Summer Math Workshops: Houston, TX Area

Summer Math Workshops: Houston, TX Area

Does your child need review in particular areas of mathematics? Would you like to give your child a better understanding of mathematical concepts and how they relate to real-life situations? Are you wondering if your children really grasp what they’ve learned in their math courses this year? If so, my Summer Math Workshops are just what you and your children need. (For information on my credentials and background, for testimonials, or for my teaching philosophy, see my Website.) These workshops will cover specific areas of mathematics, giving students the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of particular concepts and to lay the foundation for future academic success. A workshop will consist of four classes meeting on four separate days over a two-week period. Each workshop will be offered in three summer sessions: one in June, one in July, and one in August. Students may sign up for individual workshops or attend the entire day. But what is the value of my methods and classes?  Mrs. Helene Galloway says: “My son, Ryan, has participated in Mr. Gold’s algebra class this past year and has thoroughly enjoyed learning not just the mechanics of problem solving, but also why concepts are applied and how they relate to everyday life.  He has been learning a great deal from Mr. Gold in private geometry classes, too — the mechanics, the ‘why,’ the ‘how,’ the applications.” In order to better serve the needs of the community, four different workshops at two levels, (1) upper elementary/lower junior high, and (2) upper junior high/high school, will be offered each session.  A minimum number of 8 students is needed for a workshop to “make”.  If the minimum number is not met, arrangements can be made for holding the desired workshop — cost would be on a sliding pay schedule depending on the number of students. I.  Workshops to be offered include:

A.  Upper Elementary/Lower Junior High (adults and others welcome, too)

1.  Foundations of Fractions

Make sure you have a concept of what a fraction is, and use that concept to really understand adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. Time permitting, we will go over fraction-percent equivalents.

2.  The Decimal System

Know how to navigate your way around a base-ten system, and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide in it. Time permitting, we will go over fraction-decimal-percent equivalents.

3.  Number Facts: Fun with Numbers

Make your life easier with some methods for doing mental math. These methods will make it easier to make change, estimate bills, check your work in algebra and precal, and check your work in chemistry and physics.

4.  Thinking Geometry: Relating Shapes

Lay a foundation for the very important geometric proof you will do in later years. We will work with shapes — circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, and more — see how they are related, and see how we can use shapes in everyday life.

B.  Junior High/High School (again, adults and others welcome, too):

1.  Ease with Equations

Grasp the concept of equation. This concept is critical to all your math — and to much science — from algebra on out. Learn a few ways to think about and solve equations, so you can reason the answer out (using “number sense,” etc.) as well as work an answer out formally.

2.  Mastering Graphing

Make sure you can find your way around the Cartesian coordinate system! Graphing is a big part of math from algebra on out — and it’s an important tool in physics, chemistry, finance, and statistics. We will make sure you understand the coordinate system and can graph lines and curves. Time permitting, we will learn how to graph on the TI-83/84.

3.  Understanding Algebra: Proofs

We will cover some ideas in algebra that are normally told to students, not proven — e.g. the Pythagorean Theorem, the quadratic formula, the fact that the slope of a line and its perpendicular are negative reciprocals. Without a proof of these things, we don’t have an understanding of algebra and we haven’t learned what we need to in math: how to reason out methods and formulas.

4.  Algebra Applications

We will cover some of the basics of how to analyze word problems, how to make them easier to understand and how to figure out the math. We will work out some word problems from physics, finance, chemistry, and other areas, as time permits.

5.  We could also offer “Number Facts: Fun with Numbers” and “Thinking Geometry: Relating Shapes” at a level appropriate for junior high school/high school.

II.  Tentative Schedule (these are Wednesdays and Thursdays):

Session 1: June 17, 18, 24 and 25 Session 2: July 8, 9, 15 and 16 Session 3: August 5, 6, 12 and 13

All workshops offered each session. Upper Elementary/Lower Junior High Classes meet each morning. Junior High/High School Classes meet each afternoon. Exact location within the Spring/Woodlands/Magnolia area is yet to be determined. III.  Pricing

$40/session for first class $30/session for each additional class As these workshops are still in the planning stages, firm dates and locations are subject to change. You may contact me, Michael Gold, at goldmj@aol.com for more information or to reserve a spot, and you may visit my Website for information on my credentials and background, for testimonials, or for my teaching philosophy. You may also contact Helene Gallaway, at hgallaway@comcast.net, for more information. I will also be available for private tutoring during the summer. You may contact me at goldmj@aol.com for information regarding private summer tutoring, school year 2009-2010 classes, or private tutoring next year.

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