Optimal thought and optimal fitness through reason, logic, science, passion, and wisdom.
Sterling Testimonial
Sterling Testimonial

Sterling Testimonial

“Hidden” review on Yelp Houston (TX):
I tutored with the Gold Academy for physics and calculus at the end of my senior year of high school in order to prepare myself for my first semester of engineering at Texas A&M University.

Not only was I prepared enough to feel comfortable and excel in the coursework my 1st semester but Michael introduced me to thinking about problems as a whole and inductively (a thought process which has helped in every form of learning). To this day, 7 years later, I still use this method to help me solve problems and learn, in work and in life, more effectively.

I highly recommend the Gold Academy to anyone looking to not only improve their grades but also to improve their ability to problem-solve and appreciate learning.

Thanks Michael! =)
Thank you, Joe!! You were good to work with. Our sessions were fun and productive: you got out of them more than the math. Thank you for being one of those who care about and can learn reasoning and logic. 

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