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I despise the push for students to go into STEM: science, technology, engineering, math. The government should have nothing to do with it. The culture should not push students to pursue STEM.

I love math, science, technology, and engineering; I respect those who go into those fields because they choose to do so themselves and they love the fields; I despise pushing and persuading people to go into fields they do not love.

Nothing is wrong with, and no deficiency is in, journalism, agriculture, plumbing, HVAC, electrical work, philosophy, sculpture, painting, advertising, teaching. Those are important, noble fields — if one is rational and objective in them.

Up through high school, we should teach students math and science — and literature and history — because they are needed to have a full, complete adult life. Without them, we are hobbled in our abilities to achieve happiness.

But we should let students pursue what they love.

We need more rational, objective movie makers, lawyers, farmers, electricians, teachers, so we could have a better, happier culture. Forming an economy in which people are treated like a cog in a machine is wrong.

We need happy individuals acting on rational principle and pursuing what they love. As a culture can be said to be happy only when individuals are predominantly happy, only then can we have a culture that is both happy and productive.

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