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Scott Powell’s “History At Our House” Program
Scott Powell’s “History At Our House” Program

Scott Powell’s “History At Our House” Program

A good history curriculum for homeschoolers or parents wanting to add to their child’s public or private education (watch the video showing what the student Theo learned!) is Scott Powell’s History At Our House program. Mr. Powell says:
This program, the first of its kind anywhere, is the only history curriculum in the world that provides a fully-integrated presentation of the past, in a logically-ordered sequence progressing from 2nd to 12th grade.  Students will move from the “Romance of History” to a basic understanding of its outlines, to an abstract, periodized understanding of its totality, culminating in a penetrating perspective of the ideas that have moved history.
An adult client of Mr Powell’s supports this claim:
I consider myself fairly well-versed in history. I had books by Thucydides, Daniel Boorstin, Charles van Doren, John Herman Randall Jr., Alexis de Tocqueville, David Halberstam, Gerhard Weinberg, John Keegan and Victor Davis Hanson on my bookshelf years before I ever heard of Scott Powell and his First History for Adults. … Although my grasp of American history was pretty good going in, it’s even better coming out. Scott’s periodization techniques let me take a bunch of historical facts and integrate them together into a multi-layered narrative flow. This not only makes it easier to retain the facts themselves, it provides a  context for judging their significance. Which events are critical turning points, and which are simply the playing out of decisions already made? (The answers may surprise you; they did me.) The final periodization, in which the overall course of American history is boiled down into an essentialized flow-chart that fits on a single sheet of paper, is ingenious on so many levels that words fail me. Before taking the course, I knew the facts of history. Now I know how to watch those facts live and breathe, and breed new facts as the story of history progresses.
You can find out more about Mr. Powell’s history program at HistoryAtOurHouse.com.

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