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On The Radio
On The Radio

On The Radio

I’m listening to the Live365.com station A Treasury of Early Music, which describes its repertoire as:
World’s finest performances of Medieval, Renaissance & Early Baroque secular & sacred, vocal & instrumental music, from the dawn of chant to the birth of the suite
It’s interesting to hear music from so long ago!! A taste of history, a taste of the sense of life of people who walked the earth in ages gone by. The station has just recently played:
Ensemble Doulce Mémoire – Bransle De La Royne I &II [2:12] – Folie Douce (Sweet Folly) Musica Antiqua – Gagliarda el Tu Tu (Mainerio) [2:07] – Danses et ballets anciens Hesperion XX – Romance de Abindarraez (Pisador) [4:03] – Canciones y Danzas de España – Songs and Dances from the Time of Cervantes Lutz Kirchhof – Mounsier Saman, his Coranto [1:08] – The Renaissance Lute Trio LiveOak – La tricotea (Cancionero del Palacio) [1:53] – Star Shining on the Mountain
They play music such as:
Kvinterna – Avrix mi galanica – La rosa enflorece – Sephardic Romances and Ashkenazi Prayers André Isoir – Bransle de Champagne; Bransle de Bourgogne (Gervaise) – L’Orgue Français à la Renaissance Theatre of Voices – Resonemus hoc natali (St. Martial) – The Age of Cathedrals – Magnus Liber Organi Suzy, Yasmin & Cohava Levy, Suzanne Matchoro – Mansanika – Ladino Legacy – Two Generations Ensemble Claude-Gervaise – L’amor donna ch’io te porto – Music in the age of Leonardo da Vinci

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