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On The Radio
On The Radio

On The Radio

I’m now listening to Radiola on Live365.com. The station owner, “Andy Senior,” says his station plays:
1920s and 1930s Jazz and Pop guaranteed to wake up the mind and make it smile. Music that shimmers with wit and levity and beats with the pulse of life. Updated weekly! Playlists at http://radiolablog.blogspot.com
and he says that:
The music of the 1920s and 1930s has a lightness and a vitality totally lacking in other musical realms. Also, it could be sophisticated, smart, and funny. It is not the over-processed, demographically-targeted pop of later years. It was all in one take, all on one mike, spontaneous, and totally in the moment. Hence it is still fresh, joyous, and new, even after 75 years.

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