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Mary B Testimonial on Geometry Course
Mary B Testimonial on Geometry Course

Mary B Testimonial on Geometry Course

In a 5-star review, parent Mary B wrote (19 Aug 2020) of my Summmer Geometry Preview/Review, Session 1 on Outschool:

Michael Gold’s “Summer Geometry Preview/Review” was a in-depth yet efficient way (8-classes over a two-week period @ 1.5 hours per class) to get a preview of what to expect in the fall. My daughter wants to stay sharp over the summer (around the fun and relaxation that all kids need) and the structure of a class that meets live is the only option for us. Also, the class was comprised of like-minded students and a nice group of kids.

We first came to know Mr. Gold through his “Logic Essentials: How to Think Well” class. I highly recommend this class because logic and deductive reasoning are the cornerstones of thinking well. We need our kids to flag poor arguments and discern the truth. Unless you are attending an elite prep school, I don’t know where you would find exposure to a class like this. I am so grateful that Mr. Gold makes this class offering available. So when I shared Mr. Gold’s Geometry offering with my daughter, she wanted to sign up knowing he is a wonderful teacher.

What was most telling – my daughter never forgot about the class date or time. I know Mr. Gold is engaging because if I walked past her room, she was never distracted. He connected with kids on all fronts using lecture, illustrating problems on the board and showing YouTube videos. He has a warm personality, inflection in his voice and good sense humor. After each class ended, my daughter wanted to show me her notes and explain a problem set she learned. Also, I received a detailed email from Mr. Gold outlining everything that was covered in each class, along with links to videos, books, geometry worksheets and more. I also appreciate that homework was optional – your child can leisurely gain exposure or go all out on mastering the subject matter – there’s no pressure.

Michael Gold has high standards for teaching and truly cares about his students. My family joins his long list of five star reviews because he’s that good. My daughter and I highly recommend Mr. Gold’s “Summer Geometry Preview/Review” and “Logic Essentials: How to Think Well”. We enthusiastically encourage you to sign up for any class he teaches!


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