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July 4th
July 4th

July 4th

Independence (Self-Sovereignty): a principle to be eternally fought for, as there are always some who want to try to take it away: king, queen, gang, mob, lynch mob, some members of some religion, some group in some race, some members of some sex, etc., etc., etc. Some people — not everyone — try to make up any excuse they can to harm or injure or kill others. Always have and always will.

We should celebrate human independence — the self-sovereignty of a rational animal in a biologically-appropriate context and a lawful universe — and those who live it and defend it.

Independence, of course, not being “doing whatever you want” or “acting as if you don’t live in a causally connected world,” but being your own free use of reason and logic to survive and thrive, to help yourself, your friends, your family, and things you value, in a way consistent with your nature and with the natural world, and without violating someone else’s freedom or independence or rights.

Happy Independence Day!

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