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Houston Ballet’s Spring Studio Series
Houston Ballet’s Spring Studio Series

Houston Ballet’s Spring Studio Series

On the TAFFIE-ANNOUNCE discussion list, someone posted:
—- Original Message ——– Subject: Spring Studio Series Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 12:38:51 -0600 From: Lummis, Katherine <KLummis@houstonballet.org> To: Lummis, Katherine <KLummis@houstonballet.org> Houston Ballet is pleased to announce the Studio Series programs for Spring 2009. Around the World in 7 Dances will introduce elementary and middle school students to the different cultures found on the world’s seven continents. Not only will your students be exposed to ballet from each continent, but they will also learn about language, music, food, and local customs. Each performance lasts for approximately 45 minutes and is followed by a 15 minute question and answer session with our dancers. Studio A is interactive, bringing students onstage for demonstrations throughout the show. It provides a unique opportunity for students to observe the creativity and excitement of Houston Ballet in our studios.
Studio Series performances are offered free of charge to all Houston-area schools and accommodate a maximum of 150 students per show. The dates and times for Around the World in 7 Dances are listed below. Those still available are highlighted in yellow. Thursday, March 5 10:30-11:30am Thursday, March 5 12:30-1:30pm Friday, March 6 10:30-11:30am Friday, March 6 12:30-1:30pm Monday, March 9 10:30-11:30am Monday, March 9 12:30-1:30pm Tuesday, March 10 10:30-11:30am Tuesday, March 10 12:30-1:30pm Wednesday, March 11 10:30-11:30am Wednesday, March 11 12:30-1:30pm Thursday, March 12 10:30-11:30am Thursday, March 12 12:30-1:30pm Friday, March 13 10:30-11:30am
Sounds like a good opportunity.

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