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“Heiric” by Richard Zewe
“Heiric” by Richard Zewe

“Heiric” by Richard Zewe

Introduction: “I first met Heiric several years ago. We farriers trim mostly geldings or mares. Stallions are the occasional exception. Most of the stallions I had trimmed prior to Heiric were difficult, unruly sorts who made you never want to trim a stallion again.

“Heiric was spirited no doubt. But he was different. Very different.” –Richard Zewe, Bey Heiric’s long-time barefoot farrier.

You saw him thinking when you gazed into his eye

It glowed like the fire in the sky.

His eyes always said ‘hello’ and held no Disdain for this Farrier I know.

He fidgeted as mares walked by

And sometimes caused me to cast a weary eye.

But offered his feet nicely for the work to be done

Tho’ eager he was to run in the sun.

When I got to his hinds careful I was

For he was always eager to show he’s a stud.

As time went on we quickly made amends

And I realized he thought me a friend.

Now he’s gone but runs free

The wind in his mane running carelessly.

~Richard Zewe, 2016

I will miss Bey Heiric. I will miss his affection, trust, dedication, love, and deep and total joy of life.
No matter what was going on in the world, no matter what was going on in my life, no matter how I felt, he was accepting and loving.
There is no replacement for that. R.I.P. my friend, my herd companion. You will be missed deeply. I would give the world to have you back.

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