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Happy Birthday Oil!!
Happy Birthday Oil!!

Happy Birthday Oil!!

Oil 150 says:
From medicine to jet fuel, the oil industry has not only powered progress, but transformed the world. It all began in the United States in 1859 in northwestern Pennsylvania, when Colonel Edwin Drake drilled the first successful commercial well. Oil 150 is the official website of the 150th anniversary celebration of the oil industry, which occurs in 2009. From now through 2009, this site will be updated with information on anniversary events, educational materials, historical places to visit, commemorative items, and more. You are invited to join the celebration and share our pride in an American-born industry that has fueled unparalled progress in lighting, heating and transporting civilizations worldwide.
Check out the Drake Well Museum’s Website!!

Image from Wikipedia.

And Titusville Oil 150 says, in a blog post:
Titusville Oil 150 Planning Committee Written by Terry Kerr Wednesday, 17 September 2008 15:26 Welcome to the Titusville Oil 150 Website.  We are working hard to prepare for what we believe will be an event of monumental impact for all of NWPA and especially for the City of Titusville.  The opportunity to bring Titusville into the national spotlight has not been this available since the Centennial Celebration held in 1959.  Dan Beck, formerly of Titusville, now residing in New York City has described the importance of this coming year extremely well when he wrote the following: “Very few communities in the entire United States are the home of an historic event that warrants an anniversary celebration able to impact local and national attention.  The discovery of oil and oil’s ultimate impact, not only on our nation, but on the entire globe, is perhaps the most pivotal economic moment in man’s history on earth.  Billions of people have been affected every day of their lives over the past 150 years because of the imperatives oil has established in such a vast array of consumer and industrial goods.   This impact has only intensified, and today, oil is the #1 topic on the lips of world leaders, both corporate and governmental.  It is affecting the personal decisions of billions of people on a daily basis.  

The celebration of this discovery is not just to commemorate the birth date of this staggering economic transition upon our human existence.  This is a moment of profound comprehension of the vast social and environmental impact that has transpired from this discovery over the past 150 years.  Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers, modern medicine, and virtually every invention since that day in August of 1859, has been either made possible by or heavily influenced by that discovery. Next August, Titusville will be in the news on a national and international level.  The people of Titusville have an enormous and distinct opportunity to embrace this historic event, plan for it, and create a new respect and new benefits for the community at large.” Please join in enthusiastic support of the Titusville Oil 150 Celebration by volunteering to serve on the planning committee.  For more information, feel free to contact any of the following members. The Titusville Oil 150 Logo and all material on this site are Copyright ©2008-2009 the Titusville Oil 150 Committee.
Chevron has a pdf with some beautiful pictures of modern oil field equipment and structures. (HT: Garret S.) HT: Alex Epstein.

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