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Grammar Texts
Grammar Texts

Grammar Texts

Here are some grammar/writing texts I’d recommend:

Writing and Thinking by Foerster and Steadman — Jean Moroney has a review of the book on the Website of the bookseller The Paper Tiger.

Dictionary of English Usage by Fowler (avoid the third edition!!) — You can download a pdf of the Dictionary (1927 edition) on the Website of the Internet Archive.

Woe is I by Patricia O’Conner — Jessica Mocle has a review of the book on the Website of the Dallas-Fort Worth Society for Technical Communication.

Rex Barks by Phyllis Davenport — Lisa VanDamme has a good review of the book on her blog Pedagogically Correct.

I have read the first and last; the other two I’ve had recommended to me (from reliable sources); I have not looked at them myself, so I’m not sure about the quality, but I’m expecting they are good. This information, by the way, is critical for doing well on the “writing” section of the SAT and ACT.

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