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From Subconscious Awareness to Conscious Deliberation
From Subconscious Awareness to Conscious Deliberation

From Subconscious Awareness to Conscious Deliberation

“Nature to be controlled, must be obeyed.” Francis Bacon

In The Montessori Method, Dr. Maria Montessori wrote:
There are, therefore, three periods: a first, subconscious one, when in the confused mind of the child, order produces itself by a mysterious inner impulse from out of the midst of disorder, producing as an external result a completed act, which, however, being outside the field of consciousness, cannot be reproduced at will; a second, conscious period, when there is some action on the part of the will which is present during the process of the development and establishing of the acts; and a third period when the will can direct and cause the acts, thus answering the command from someone else. (pp. 368, The Montessori Method by Dr. Maria Montessori, trans. Anne E. George, (c) 1964 Schocken Books, New York (and (c) 1988 Random House), ISBN 0-8052-0922-0)
Update (11:10 AM):  There are laws of learning and mind, just as their are laws of health and biochemisty. Both our bodies and our minds have identity and follow cause-effect relationships. We should follow, respect and obey the laws of logic and epistemology as much as we do the laws of health. As for the Bacon quote, while Bacon might have been referring to the physical world only, we and our minds are part of nature and hence must obey the laws of epistemology and mind in order to “control” our thinking, in order to have ideas that are true and that we know are true. True ideas lead to success in life; false ideas lead to frustration and can even lead to injury or destruction. This quote of Dr. Montessori applies, in general, to adults as well as children.

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