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Fitness Testimonial by Joe S
Fitness Testimonial by Joe S

Fitness Testimonial by Joe S

“Back in college I did a year of CrossFit and later on went through weight lifting programs with trainers at my gym. Michael has definitely been #1 when it came to proper form and joint/ligament strengthening.

“I trained with Michael for about 7 months and I saw huge improvements in my endurance and fitness. I felt better overall and even had some surprising benefits.

“I now effortlessly make baskets when throwing paper into my garbage bin, whereas, before working with Michael, I would always miss. And I am now much more aware of my environment, which especially helps when driving.

“He is big on safety and makes sure he trains to match people’s fitness levels whatever they may be.

“I would definitely recommend him to anyone trying to improve their fitness and well-being in whatever capacity.” — Joseph S

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