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Exercise Note
Exercise Note

Exercise Note

Wow. Yesterday, I went to my gym to cancel my membership.

Dark. Boxed in. Sweaty. Smelly. People on treadmill or other cardio machines. A girl yawning. People running without moving anywhere. People stuck on little machines.

Boring! Let me out! No wonder I don’t go there anymore.

I’d much rather climb trees, climb rope, move around, smell the fresh air, feel the dirt on my feet and the sun and air on my skin, and see the blue sky and green trees. I felt a little claustrophobic. “Give me land, lots of land under starry skies above. Don’t fence me in.

Gyms have utility and are good things, but they are not my preference.

And I ended up freezing my membership instead of canceling it: the guy I talked to said that, if I canceled my membership but rejoined later, I’d have to pay a $150 fee — whereas I paid $300 before. And the monthly rate would go up to $39 from $33. I can freeze it for 2 years. Cool. As long as they are not charging me for something I don’t use — since I do Spartan-run, MovNat style workouts. Fun!!!

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