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“Doors of Daring” by Henry Van Dyke
“Doors of Daring” by Henry Van Dyke

“Doors of Daring” by Henry Van Dyke

The mountains that enfold the vale With walls of granite, steep and high, Invite the fearless foot to scale Their stairway toward the sky.


The restless, deep, dividing sea That flows and foams from shore to shore, Calls to its sunburned chivalry, “Push out, set sail, explore!”

And all the bars at which we fret, That seem to prison and control, Are but the doors of daring, set Ajar before the soul.


Say not, “Too poor,” but freely give; Sigh not, “Too weak,” but boldly try, You never can begin to live Until you dare to die.

  Poem from Poemhunter.com. HT: Elizabeth M

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  1. Anonymous

      Let me but love my love without disguise,
    Nor wear a mask of fashion old or new,
    Nor wait to speak till I can hear a clue,
    Nor play a part to shine in others’ eyes,
    Nor bow my knees to what my heart denies;
    But what I am, to that let me be true,
    And let me worship where my love is due,
    And so through love and worship let me rise.

    For love is but the heart’s immortal thirst
    To be completely known and all forgiven,
    Even as sinful souls that enter Heaven:
    So take me, dear, and understand my worst,
    And freely pardon it, because confessed,
    And let me find in loving thee, my best. 

    Henry Van Dyke 

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