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Don Edwards: Classic Country Americana
Don Edwards: Classic Country Americana

Don Edwards: Classic Country Americana

On the Don Edwards website, they say:

Don Edwards is a songster, historian, author, songwriter, musicologist, actor, accomplished guitarist with a Santa Cruz signature guitar, yodeler extraordinaire and a multiple award winning recording artist.

Don has won 8 Wrangler Awards from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum including the prestigious Chester A Reynolds Founders Award. He’s won the Western Music Associations Male Performer of the Year five times and twice the Album of the Year. Don was also nominated for A Grammy for High Lonesome Cowboy, and appears on the Grammy award winning Folk Album-Other Voices Other Rooms by Nancie Griffith.

In addition his two anthologies Saddle Songs and Songs of the Cowboy were placed in The Library of Congress. Later they were remastered and placed on one CD. The combined works won The Best Folk/Traditional Album of the Year by the AFIM Indie Awards. Don lives with his wife Kathy and Smoky the Wonder Dog on his ranch near Hico, Republic of Texas

And on the bio page of the Don Edwards website, they say:

Grammy Nominated songster DON EDWARDS continues to build a legacy that enriches our vision of the American West.  In tales of the day-to-day lives and emotions of those who lived it, his ballads paint a sweeping landscape of both mind and heart, bringing to life the sights, sounds and feelings of this American contribution to culture and art.  The quality of this cowboy balladeer’s music stems from the fact that he is so much more than a singer.   Bobby Weaver of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, summed up Edwards’ importance as  “the best purveyor of cowboy music in America today.”

An historian, author and musicologist, unusually well-versed in cowboy lore and musical traditions, Don brings a rare  complement of knowing and loving his craft.  Mostly though, there is the soul of a poet, a man who has never succumbed to the temptations of presenting a glamorized or romanticized version of the West.


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