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Congrats TR!!
Congrats TR!!

Congrats TR!!

Good for her!! Masters in Primate Conservation, with merit!!

Hoo-yah!! Congrats TR!!

I started working with her in math when she was a junior in high school. We did some stats, some SAT math, and more.

She got stats down so well and learned how to do math better than before, so she could overcome her struggles with math and do well in college stats all on her own. Sweet.

She earned a BA in Anthropology at A&M.

We did some math prep for some standardized tests.

Then she went to school in England, Oxford Brookes University, to work on her Master’s.

I had the honor and fun of helping her some with the design, and with the statistical and conceptual analysis of her research. Fun!! I got to do some new stuff, some stats I had not done before. Sweet!

I’m proud to be part of TR”s success.

Congrats on your graduation with merit!!

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