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Celebrating Cats
Celebrating Cats

Celebrating Cats

Happy Birthday Tobi and Kaitlyn!! They are 5 years old now. Actually, I’m a little belated today — their birthday was Monday the 12th. Here’s a picture of them with their brothers, sisters, and feral mother:

They were born North of Austin on a horse ranch.

Here’s Tobi hard at work studying physics and SAT math:

Notice his TI-89 graphing calculator in the upper left-hand corner of the picture.

Here’s Kaitlyn taking a break from studying (clearly she’s in deep thought):

But notice how they have been studious their whole lives. Their dedication and determination have been amazing. They’ve kept up their studies for years now, and I don’t see it stopping or slowing down. Sometimes I catch them looking out the window, pondering reality, existence, and who knows what about the intricacies of philosophy, epistemology, politics, history, math, grammar… Here’s a picture of Tobi and Kaitlyn studying together before they were even one year old:

And another:

Wow. They were and are voracious readers. Tacitus. American history. Roman history. Greek history. The letters of Abelard and Heloise. Old books. New books. Books in English. Books in Latin.

Homeschooling and independent study has been perfect for them.


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