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Cat & Crow
Cat & Crow

Cat & Crow

A cat and a crow as friends! Wow! Amazing! Wallace and Ann Collito were fortunate to see and experience what they did!! I don’t know what the latest news is, but, in 2008, Linda Faber wrote a story, “KITTY CORNER: Update on an unlikely friendship” (The Sun Chronicle (34 South Main St., Attleboro, MA), Monday, July 21, 2008 2:38 AM EDT), talking about the animals. Linda wrote:
In August 1999, Wallace and Ann Collito’s home in North Attleboro was buzzing with activity. It was the place to be! The streets were full of curious neighbors, camera crews and photographers. So, what was all the hoopla about, you ask? People were there to witness the unthinkable, something that defied all the laws of nature: A kitten and a crow engaged in a most unusual nurturing relationship. It’s a known fact that cats & birds are arch enemies. I first witnessed the unlikely twosome on YouTube about six months ago and simply could not believe what I was seeing. You can see for yourself by going to YouTube.com and typing in “crow & kitten are friends.” Obviously others were amazed by what they saw as the video has had 4,634,309 visitors to date and has a five star rating. More pictures can be seen at www.earthlings.org/kin/kinship.html. The story made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but left me wondering whatever became of the kitten and the crow. It was now nine years later and I just had to find out. ©Copyright 2010
Read the rest! Nice story, good article. You can see Cassie and Moses also in a video clip on the National Geographic‘s Unlikely Animal Friends. Update (7-28-11; 5:25 PM)!! Being *very* interested in Cassie’s fate and hoping all was well, I emailed Linda Faber, and — thank goodness, even though the email address I found might have been years out of date — got a response! Linda said I could publish her letter. She said:
Hi Michael, You’ll be happy to know that Cassie returned home on 8/14/08 unscathed. She was gone for 3 1/2 months.  Mr. Collito spotted her, put food out on his side deck, she came right up to the door, ate it and walked in the house like she had never left. They spend their winters in Florida visiting Mr. Collito’s son and return to N. Attleboro in the spring.  They are both doing well. Last summer, Mr. Collito built a screened in porch for Cassie and she loves it.  She can now feel like she’s outside without ever getting lost again. You can rest easy knowing that the story had a happy ending. Linda Faber 🙂 Kitty Corner/The Sun Chronicle
What a relief to hear that, after losing Cassie for a while, Mr. Wallace Collito and Cassie were reunited!! Thank goodness! But poor Moses!! 🙁  And I hope it did not hurt Cassie too much, losing Moses!! I was going to wait until tomorrow to put up this post, but, at Linda’s request, I put it up today. She wanted it today, and, since I owe her big time for telling me about Cassie’s fate — done!


  1. Lisa Fleming

    Hi, just saw your post about the cat and crow. My children’s book, Cat and Crow: An amazing friendship based on their story, is launching in October 2011. Please spread the word. Their story touched me too, that’s why I wrote the book!
    Lisa Fleming, author

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