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An Email From Bill Gates!!
An Email From Bill Gates!!

An Email From Bill Gates!!

I received an email today that said:
From:     bill.gates@jmail.co.za Subject:     FROM:MR.BILL GATES (get back to me) Date:     September 9, 2009 2:22:55 PM CDT To:     undisclosed-recipients:; Reply-To:    gates.1483@rediffmail.com FROM:MR.BILL GATES (get back to me) This is to officially inform you that your e-mail ID is active and has been selected as the winner of September 2009 online lottery programs conducted by Microsoft Team and awarded you the sum of $USD9,800,000.00 only. To claim your award I advised to get back to me your full name and direct mailing address ASAP With Best Regards, Mr. William Bill Gates.
Sure, “MR.BILL GATES (get back to me),” sure. That “get back to me” is sure to make be believe this is really Bill Gates. Yup. Uh, huh. And such good grammar you have!! That really makes me believe. Uh, huh. And the email went to “undisclosed-recipients” to tell people at Microsoft how to contact me to give me my money, right? Uh, huh. I don’t have a category for “silliness” or “stupidity,” so I’ll leave this “uncategorized.”


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