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“All To Myself” by Wilbur Dick Nesbit
“All To Myself” by Wilbur Dick Nesbit

“All To Myself” by Wilbur Dick Nesbit

ALL TO MYSELF, I find the way Back to each golden yesterday, Faring in fancy until I stand Clasping your ready, friendly hand; The picture seems half true, half dream, And I keep its color and its gleam All to myself.

All to myself I hum again Fragments of some old-time refrain, Something that comes at fancy’s choice, And I hear the cadence of your voice: Sometimes ’tis dim, something ’tis clear, But I keep the music I hear All to myself.

All to myself I hold and know All of the days of long ago- Wonderfull days when you and I Owned all the sunshine in the sky: The days come back as the old days will, And I keep their tingle and their thrill All to myself.

All to myself! My friend, do you Count all the memories softly, too? Summer and Autumn, Winter, Spring, The hopes we cherish, and everthing? They course my veins as a draft divine, And I keep them wholly, solely mine- All to myself.

All to myself I think of you, Think of the things we used to do, Think of the things we used to say, Think of each happy, bygone day; Sometimes I sigh and sometimes I smile, But I keep each olden, golden while All to myself.

–Wilbur Dick Nesbit HT: Elizabeth M Poem from Google Books.

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  1. Anonymous

    It touched my heart ….

    I brought you the sun you said it was too bright 
    so I brought you the moon and you said it only shone in parts!
    I gave you my strength you said I was too strong 
    so I toned it down and you said you didn’t feel protected!

    I said I loved everything about you, you said I like to flatter
    so I with-held my compliments and you said I don’t appreciate you enough!
    I gave you my world you said all you needed was my attention
    So I gave you all my attention and you said you are worth much more than just attention…
    I bought you diamonds and pearls you said money can’t buy your love,
    So I opted not to and you say I’m not responsible! 

    I said I wanted to rest and you said I was ignoring you
    so I call on you every chance I get and you said I crowd your space!
    I try being sensitive to your emotions you say I’m too soft
    so I just show up when you caIl on me and you say I neglect you!
    I tell you I love you, you say It is just an idea and need to show it
    So I show you love and you say I’m filled with imagination!

    What I do never seems to be good enough
    what I do not do is definitely bad enough:
    Please take me as I am,
    And I’ll be what you want me to be!
    A good friend!

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