Optimal thought and optimal fitness through reason, logic, science, passion, and wisdom.
A Yelp Testimonial
A Yelp Testimonial

A Yelp Testimonial

A review on Yelp Houston (TX):
In highschool I got tutored by Michael Gold, and if you decide to have your child or yourself be tutored by Michael, I can assure you he will be an immense help; but what he does is beyond being a tutor.

Michael provokes and encourages logical, rational thinking that you will use beyond your time with him. He helped me develop critical thinking that immensely benefited me in University, with math, philosophy, sciences, even silly facebook arguments; he will teach you how to deconstruct complex problems and come to a decision yourself.

I honestly can only speak of the good that Michael does.
Thank you, Jacob! You were a joy to work with. I enjoyed our work on math, and our conversations aimed at developing your reasoning and critical thinking skills. Thanks!

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