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A Good Paleo Breakfast
A Good Paleo Breakfast

A Good Paleo Breakfast

That is: Breakfast by Science and Capitalism

A delicious breakfast (last week) of walnuts; raspberries and blackberries; half an avocado with some Napa Naturals extra virgin olive oil in the center and with some Adam’s Reserve ground chipotle pepper sprinkled on; and some shrimp with cracked pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

Thanks to Art DeVany and Dr. Loren Cordain for the good ideas on diet and foods — ideas based on an integrated view of diet and exercise. By integrated meaning based on facts and principles from evolution, biology, genetics, archeology, anthropology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, biodynamics, etc.

I should say my breakfast is based on their ideas only as far as I have learned and have understood their ideas and the facts and principles behind those ideas.

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