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“A Father’s Wish” By Edgar Guest
“A Father’s Wish” By Edgar Guest

“A Father’s Wish” By Edgar Guest

What do I want my boy to be? Oft is the question asked of me, And oft I ask it of myself– What corner, niche or post or shelf In the great hall of life would I Select for him to occupy? Statesman or writer, poet, sage Or toiler for a weekly wage, Artist or artisan? Oh, what Is to become his future lot? For him I do not dare to plan; I only hope he’ll be a man.  I leave it free for him to choose The tools of life which he shall use, Brush, pen or chisel, lathe or wrench, The desk of commerce or the bench, And pray that when he makes his choice In each day’s task he shall rejoice. I know somewhere there is a need For him to labor and succeed; Somewhere, if he be clean and true, Loyal and honest through and through, He shall be fit for any clan, And so I hope he’ll be a man. I would not build my hope or ask That he shall do some certain task, Or bend his will to suit my own; He shall select his post alone. Life needs a thousand kinds of men, Toilers and masters of the pen, Doctors, mechanics, sturdy hands To do the work which it commands, And wheresoe’er he’s pleased to go, Honor and triumph he may know. Therefore I must do all I can To teach my boy to be a man.

  Happy Father’s Day!!! HT: Elizabeth M

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    Tao Te Ching Verse 

    True words aren’t eloquent;
    eloquent words aren’t true.
    Wise men don’t need to prove their point;
    men who need to prove their point aren’t wise.

    The Master has no possessions.
    The more he does for others,
    the happier he is.
    The more he gives to others,
    the wealthier he is.

    Therefore the Master
    acts without doing anything
    and teaches without saying anything.
    Things arise and he lets them come;
    things disappear and he lets them go.
    He has but doesn’t possess,
    acts but doesn’t expect.
    When his work is done, he forgets it.
    That is why it lasts forever.

    The Tao nourishes by not forcing. 
    By not dominating, 
    Only by compassion, 
    the Master leads.

    Translated by Stephen Mitchell
    Tao Te Ching

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