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A Call For Teachers
A Call For Teachers

A Call For Teachers

Are you a teacher or are you aspiring to be a teacher? Know someone who is?

Do you want to hear students say things like “I really did learn more than geometry and math taking classes with you. I learned to reason and use logic to start solving things in everyday life. It’s pretty useful at work when I use reasoning to find root causes, and to find and fix problems. You teach people how to THINK!”​ (Dylan T, ex-high school student now in his 20s) ?

Or parents say things like “Thank you again for your efforts and wonderful tutoring for both the SAT and ACT prep classes. I think the benefits reach far beyond good scores on standardized tests. I believe the skills you teach and emphasize have a tremendous impact on our kiddos critical thinking as well. You are greatly appreciated by our family!”​ (Michelle F, mother of high school student) ?

If so, please contact me.

I am expanding my business, which is only me right now. In other words, we are in start-up phase. We are not a big, established company. You will need an entrepreneurial spirit.

If you believe passionately in reason and rational pedagogy and are a teacher of English, a foreign language, physics, chemistry, biology, math, standardized test prep, please contact me.

I would be interested in talking to you whether you be an expert, experienced teacher or an aspiring, inexperienced teacher.

I hope you, like me, would like to spark the fire of reason in the culture and in individual students as much as you want to make a profit and live a good life.

Send me an email to let me know in a few paragraphs — or, if you are so inclined, in a page or two — what you think about education and pedagogy and why we should talk.

Currently, I am looking for some people to work together in Houston. In the future, I’d like to expand beyond Houston.

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