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Strength and Balance
Strength and Balance

Strength and Balance

Balance matters: daily life, football, golf, baseball, old age, police work, EMS work, athletics, and more.

If you, or someone you know, want some training, to be the best you can
be, to aim to achieve optimal cognition and fitness, call/text me:
281-770-2276 or email: michaelgold@goldams.com. I am a certified fitness

I can help — with a smart training program.

We should start on the ground working with good technique. Do that for months. Get the technique hard-wired in your neurologic system; get your muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons trained and strengthened.

Then start crawling on lines in a parking lot or some line on the ground. Do it, again, for months. Add variations to crawling on the ground: forward, backward, uphill, downhill, over obstacles.

Then work on 2x4s for a few months.

Then and only then — i.e., when you’ve done the preliminary work and have mastered the movement — start working on a bar.

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