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Standup Desks 2

In “LearnFit ‘standing desk’ inspires healthy habits for students”  (April 17, 2015, FoxNews.com), Brian Mastroianni writes:
“The health benefits of standing include a higher heart rate, greater calorie expenditure, musculo-skeletal benefits that come from standing and better posture, more Oxygen flow around the body, and much more,” Hill said. “This leads to a better, reengaged student and teacher interaction. Students pay more attention, and it just leads to a more successful semester overall.”

Nelson-Irving said that she quickly noticed students were more focused and had more energy over the course of the school day.

“I see that they are paying attention and I don’t have to fight as hard to keep them focused,” she added. 

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And students should get more PE or break time, too, so they can move.

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