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Needed Food Right Now After Hurricane Harvey
Needed Food Right Now After Hurricane Harvey

Needed Food Right Now After Hurricane Harvey

We have some natural, readily available foods and drinks in Houston and S. Texas  — though you have to know how to find them.

But please obey the law!! And respect other people’s property! And the food wildlife needs to survive! We have grocery stores; wildlife does not. Please read “Merriwether” ‘s Foraging Ethics.

One edible wild plant around here is the Peppervine berry, which you can eat as is, or make into a juice.

Merriwether, a Houston foraging guy (but that is his nickname), has a page on his Website about Peppervine

He says: “Luckily, calcium oxalate isn’t very water soluble and easy to separate from the berries’ juice. My preferred method is to squeeze the berries through cheesecloth, collecting the juice and discarding any solids left in the cheesecloth. Now add one ounce of tap water to every nine ounces of juice and place this solution in a see-through pitcher or bottle in your refrigerator. Let it sit overnight which causes the needles of calcium oxalate to settle down to the bottom of the container. Carefully pour off the liquid while avoiding stirring up and re-adding the calcium oxalate back into the solution. Pouring it through a coffee filter will help remove the crystals. It’s best to err on the side of caution and leave behind juice rather than get some of the calcium oxalate.

“Once you’ve operated out the calcium oxalate you can use this juice like grape juice. Drink it, jelly/jam it, or even make wine from it!”

He also says: “Some people have reported throat issues and stomach upset after eating peppervine fruit. Limit yourself to small servings until you know how your body will react.”

And: “Though delicious, most people get a weird tickle in the back of their throat after eating one or more berries. This tickle is actually due to tiny needles of calcium oxalate which are defensive measure of the Peppervine. Excessive consumption of calcium oxalate will result in chemical burns in your throat.”

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