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Life Is Now
Life Is Now

Life Is Now

Deep wisdom is written in Joe Camp’s blog post “Clinician Chris Lombard Writes About Cash:”
“But we have control over our thoughts and actions and how we treat those around us, how we treat the ones we love. And in that, you and Cash conquered all and climbed the tallest mountain and experienced what dreams are made of, right here in this world. One day of that is a life in itself.”  The Soul Of A Horse Blog, Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved
Sadly, some hate this wisdom. Sadly, some try to deny it. Sadly, some don’t fully get it.

But some do. They are holy. They live, they are alive.

Chris also wrote:
“A million horses would have switched places with Cash if they could, if it just meant they too could have had the life Cash did for the past ten years.”
I think, and feel, that, in whatever measure, all in the article applies to Bey Heiric and I, too.

I will let the sum–total, interconnected facts speak for themselves.


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