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Klaus Nordby, Tutor (Software and Graphics)
Klaus Nordby, Tutor (Software and Graphics)

Klaus Nordby, Tutor (Software and Graphics)

On his Website, he says:
Personal software tutoring via Internet phone Expert hands-on tutoring in Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver and other graphics stuff I like to teach. I am, in fact, a damn good teacher. And I love talking about and demonstrating graphics software and graphics techniques. Therefore, I have decided to offer private tutoring sessions by phone in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, XaraX and various graphics subjects. I have conducted such phone tutoring sessions with several people, and it works really well. You — the student — and I will work on the same image or project in the software of your choice, for instant back-and-forth feedback. If you are online during the tutorial (recommend) we can easily send each other files while we talk. The Awesome Deal I charge $30 per 60-minute hour (phoning included) — which is a great bargain, if I may say so myself. I guarantee that you will learn a lot in just one hour. In fact, I am so confident you will be happy with our tutoring sessions that I offer a full money-back guarantee: I’ll refund your money without question if you tell me it wasn’t worth it — or give you some extra time for free, to “fill in the blanks”.
Am I legally required to say I did not, am not now, and will not in the future, benefit financially in any way from this recommendation: no stocks, bonds, money, Monopoly money, gold, silver, jewelry, diamonds, rubies, pirate treasure, books, old wadded up paper or gum wrappers, pencils, certificates, awards or anything else of a material, or spiritual, sort? Update (2-16-10, 8:15 AM): Corrected a typo: I had written “an” instead of “am” in the last sentence.

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