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A Good Exercise
A Good Exercise

A Good Exercise

Walk up steps holding a kettlebell straight-armed above your head.  Some variations are:

1)  walk up two steps at a time;

2)  hop up one step at a time;

3)  hop up two steps at a time;

4)  do one of the above while using only one hand to straight-arm the kettlebell;

5)  do one of the above hopping up on one leg.

Hopping up, whether straight-arming the kettlebell with one arm or two, is hard!!!  All these are good full-body workouts. You’ll feel it! But be careful!! Try doing some of this without weights first, then try it with light weights, then build up the amount of weight you use. Slowly. Carefully. And as governed by reason. You have only one body — do not hurt it! Caveat exercor!! (That’s either Latin for “let the exerciser beware”…or it’s my butchered version of it! I just took the work exerceo and modified it on the model of “caveat emptor.”)

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